Forsyth County Cooperative Extension, through trained Agents and Extension Master Gardener Volunteers, is dedicated to distributing current research-based gardening information to the public through free or highly affordable educational opportunities, increasing environmental awareness, promoting gardening activities, and supporting its volunteers.

In an effort to reach this mission, we provide educational opportunities at the Arboretum at Tanglewood Park, the County Agriculture Building, and various locations throughout the county. All these events are open to the public as well as our volunteers. Please visit our Calendar of Events for the schedule, or “Follow” our page on Eventbrite - all of our public programs are available for registration there. Each of our programs is briefly explained below. Participation in some of these programs requires you to be a member of our Extension Master Gardener Program. All the events on our Calendar are open to the public.

Extension Master Gardener Program

The program provides participants with 40 hours of in-depth training in the art and science of horticulture. Class participants receive current, research-based information from Extension educators. In return, trained Extension Master Gardeners volunteer their time and expertise in support of many community programs and activities. Master Gardener volunteers are recognized as well-trained practitioners who serve and beautify their communities and are linked to a professional network of support through county, state, and national Cooperative Extension offices.

Educational Materials

Located in the Forsyth Extension Office at 1450 Fairchild Road, is an Urban Horticulture Center which consists of a collection of leaflets and booklets to help gardeners and homeowners with just about any gardening or landscaping topic of interest. Some of the collections we have put together in print are Home Vegetable Gardening, Tree Fruits, Small Fruits, Growing Herbs, Flowers and Flowering Plants, Tree and Shrubbery Tips, Water and Organics, and many more. Many of the leaflets can be found on the N.C. Cooperative Extension website.

Plant Sales

Each spring and fall the Master Gardeners have a plant sale. The spring sale is usually in April and is located at the Arboretum at Tanglewood Park. The Master Gardeners propagate and grow many different annuals, perennials, and shrubs to raise money to help operate the Arboretum. Our fall plant sale is filled with perennials, trees, and shrubs with a focus on non-invasive plants and the funds go to operate our program as a whole. The fall plant sale is usually in September and is located at our office at 1450 Fairchild Road in Winston-Salem.

Demonstration Garden

Forsyth Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteers maintain a beautiful demonstration garden at the Agriculture Building. In this garden are demonstrations on vegetable gardening, fruits and berries, pawpaw orchard, tropical garden, wildlife garden, rain garden, herb garden, perennial foundation planting, and much more. The Demonstration Garden is open for visits whenever the office is open.

Arboretum at Tanglewood Park

Forsyth Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteers maintain a beautiful Arboretum as part of Tanglewood Park. This Arboretum is located inside Tanglewood Park behind the manor house. This garden includes many different themed gardens such as a children’s garden, shade garden, fragrance garden, conifer garden, greenhouse, nursery, wildflower garden and so much more. Any homeowner can visit the Arboretum and get wonderful ideas. To get a better feel for the gardens please visit our Arboretum website.

Carolina Classic Fair

Every year at the Carolina Classic Fair the Forsyth County Extension Master Gardener Volunteers man a booth in the Horticulture Building to hand out leaflets and answer gardening questions.

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