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You must submit an application to the city for approval to have up to five hens on residentially zones property in the city limits of Winston-Salem. There are a number of other regulations as well. Read the regulations and download the application at https://www.cityofws.org/DocumentCenter/View/979/Application-for-Keeping-Chickens-or-other-Fowl-and-Pigeons-PDF?bidId=

Learn about other livestock at https://www.cityofws.org/DocumentCenter/View/2856/Backyard-Livestock-Brochure-PDF?bidId=

Learn about keeping farm animals in Rural Hall at https://www.ruralhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Animal-Ordinance-1.pdf.

Click here to learn more about how to start farming and the resources that are available
YOU and your "tribe" have to answer that question. What types of animals do you enjoy? How much land do you have? What is your market? Here is a link to a great hand-out to help you decide what animals might work best for the amount of land that you have. 

Call the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services at 919-707-3180 to request an inspection of your freezer.

You may find it helpful to read their Frequently Asked Questions before calling at https://www.ncagr.gov/MeatPoultry/pdf/How%20to%20Become%20a%20Meat%20and%20Poultry%20Handler.pdf

Some of these questions can be answered on this page: http://forsyth.cc/CES/Requirements.aspx, but visit http://ncsu.zoom.us/rec/share/tOJzNurczUBJetbm2V7YUJZwRbS1X6a81yRL__RbzEzszHDHOsaKlxz6vB5E6oSG to watch this 2.5 hour Land Summit session for great information that will answer many of your questions.

Soil test kits are available outside our office 24/7.  Learn more in this news story.

 There are very few grants to help you start farming. There are a few to help you expand an existing farm operation. This article sums it up nicely. https://vance.ces.ncsu.edu/2020/10/are-there-grants-for-farmers/
The N.C. Cooperative Extension, Stokes County Center has a Mobile Poultry Processing Unit that you can rent for a small fee if you're interested in processing them yourself. https://stokes.ces.ncsu.edu/stokes-county-livestock-forage/mobile-poultry-processing-unit/
Find a list of on-farm poultry processors at https://cefs.ncsu.edu/food-system-initiatives/nc-choices/on-farm-poultry-processing-and-mobile-poultry-processing-equipment-for-rent/

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