Who are we?

The mission of the Economic Services Division is to enhance economic stability for families of Forsyth County using a customer-centered approach by maximizing employee performance, providing excellent customer service and collaborating with community agencies.

The Economic Services Division is the largest operating division within the Forsyth County Department of Social Services. As the name implies, the Economic Services Division specializes in programs that contribute to the financial and economic stability of families and help them remain employed. The Economic Services Division works with other local agencies to provide a helping hand to families in need of economic assistance.

Most of the programs are temporary in nature and are based on eligibility for services. Assistance is available to help families address the need for health care, pay for child care, and meet basic needs for families including assistance in providing food through the Food & Nutrition program.

What do we do?

The Economic Services Division programs have eligibility requirements that must be met to receive benefits from the program. Those requirements, generally, have to do with family income, the number of people in the family, and family assets. Most programs do not provide cash payments except the Work First program which is available to some families with children under age 18 who meet the eligibility guidelines and Special Assistance which is available to adults in rest homes. Click on a program below to learn more about one of the specific programs in the Economic Services Division.

If you want to provide any information for your pending application or case, please email it to customercare-user@forsyth.cc

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Final ERAP Application Deadline is June 15, 2022

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