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Forsyth County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council


The General Assembly enacted legislation that transferred the Divisions of Youth Services and Juvenile Services to the Office of the Governor. The legislation established the Office of Juvenile Justice and transferred all authority, powers, duties, and functions of the Juvenile Services Division to the Office of Juvenile Justice. It is the responsibility of the Office of Juvenile Justice to coordinate with county Juvenile Crime Prevention Councils for implementation of a continuum of services and programs at the community level to develop comprehensive juvenile delinquency and substance abuse prevention plans.

Members and Non-Voting Staff Person(s)

General Statute 143B-846 requires the Board of County Commissioners to appoint a Juvenile Crime Prevention Council prior receiving funds for juvenile court services and delinquency prevention programs.
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The law requires that the following individuals serve on or be represented on the Council for two-year terms:

  1. School Superintendent or Designee
  2. Chief of Police
  3. Sheriff or Designee
  4. District Attorney or Designee
  5. Chief Court Counselor or Designee
  6. Director of the local mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse program or Designee
  7. Director of the Department of Social Services or Designee
  8. County Manager or Designee
  9. Substance Abuse Professional
  10. Member of Faith Community
  11. County Commissioner
  12. 2 Persons Under Age 18, one of whom is a member of the State Youth Council
  13. Juvenile Defense Attorney
  14. Chief District Court Judge
  15. Member of Business Community
  16. Local Health Director or Designee
  17. Representative of United Way or Other Nonprofit Agency
  18. Representative of Local Parks
  19. Seven (7) At Large

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The Juvenile Crime Prevention Council, after approval by the full Council, shall submit a funding proposal to the Forsyth County Board of Commissioner for their approval.
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The Board of Commissioners encourages that every effort be made in making the "At Large" appointments to ensure that the appointees are representative of the racial and socioeconomic diversity of the community represented herein, and to minimize potential conflicts of interest by members.
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Each member shall serve a term of two years with no term limitation. Terms of appointment shall be for the fiscal year July 1 - June 30. The Council shall annually elect the Chair and Vice Chair.
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The Juvenile Crime Prevention Council may also provide leadership to focus community attention and energy on the positive and health development of children and youth from birth through age 21 through the creation and implementation of community policies and initiatives that support young people and their families.
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The Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners is authorized to execute the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council Certification on behalf of Forsyth County.

Currently Serving

NameTitleTerm Expires
Fleming El-Amin County Commissioner 6/30/2024
Hon. Denise Hartsfield 6/30/2023
Al-Wadood Salam Jabbar 6/30/2023
Jack S Monell 6/30/2023
Christine M. Howell-Dowdell Director of Social Services 6/30/2024


Regular meetings occur in February, April, June, October and December. Meetings are held at the Forsyth County Government Center.

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