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The Work First program provides short-term assistance to eligible families to facilitate self-sufficiency through employment rather than welfare dependency. The Work First Planning Committee is required by North Carolina General Statue 108A-27.6 (c). The Committee assists the Department of Social Services in the development of a biennial plan for the Work First Program. The Committee is responsible for identifying the needs of the population to be served and for recommending services to meet those needs. The Committee holds regular public meetings.
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In developing the two-year plan for the Work First program, the Committee meets to evaluate the effectiveness of existing services in meeting program goals and to consider new strategies that should be added to the plan of service within the scope of existing law and regulation. Once approved by the Committee, the plan is submitted to the Board of Commissioners for approval. The plan is then submitted to the Division of Social Services within the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services for inclusion in the State Work First Plan. The current approved plan is available for public inspection on the Department's website.

Members and Non-Voting Staff Person(s)

The Committee includes, but is not limited to, representatives of the Board of Social Services, the board of the area mental health authority, the local public health board, the local school system, the business community, the Board of County Commissioners, and community-based organizations representative of the population to be served. The Board of Commissioners determines terms of service.

Currently Serving

NameTitleTerm Expires
Ms. Linda Alexander 3/30/2012
Rev. Ginny Britt 3/30/2012
Dr. Tony L Burton III 3/30/2012
Ms. Sherry Carpenter 3/30/2012
Ms. Tina Carson-Wilkins 3/30/2012
Mr. Matt Davis 3/30/2012
Ms. Margaret Elliott 3/30/2012
Ms. Zena Ervin 3/30/2012
Ms. Laura Gorycki 3/30/2012
Ms. Carolyn Gray 3/30/2012
Mr. Michael Gray 3/30/2012
Ms. Althea Hairston 3/30/2012
Mr. Michael Harris 3/30/2012
Mr. Archie Hicks 3/30/2012
Ms. Burnetta Johnson 3/30/2012
Ms. Vickie Kimel 3/30/2012
Ms. Anne MacLeod 3/30/2012
Ms. Pamela Peoples-Joyner 3/30/2012
Ms. Daphne Taylor
Ms. Twana Wellman-Roebuck 3/30/2012
Ms. Carrie Worsley 3/30/2012
Mr. Larry Worthy 3/30/2012


The Committee meets periodically to monitor implementation of the approved plan and to identify emerging needs of the Work First population.
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The Committee holds semi-annual public meetings in March and October when a Work First County Plan is not under development. During the development of a biennial plan, the Committee meets as needed to make recommendations on what services should be included to assist the Work First population.

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