Rehoming Your Pet

Due to higher than normal dog intake requests, we are prioritizing pets in need during urgent or emerency situations. These situations typically include bites, rabies exposures, sick/injured animals, strays in immediate danger, and neglect/abuse cases.

We strongly recommend you make every effort to rehome your pet on your own prior to considering surrendering the pet to FCAS. We have limited space and resources.

Here are some suggestions and resources to assist you in rehoming your pet:

  • Write up a description of your pet including age, sex, whther they are spayed/neutered, and any other helpful information such as being litterbox trained and if they've been around children or other pets. Take some good pcitures that show your pet from different angles.
  • Post on social media (sites like Facebook, Nextdoor, Instagram) and ask friends and family to share your post.
  • Ask around - at work, school, or social events - you never know who might be interested or know someone else who is looking for a pet like yours. Your child's teacher may be interested in a classroom pet!
  • We do recommend charging a small rehoming fee to ensure that the person who takes your pet does so with good intentions. Ask questions about other pets they have or have had and trust your instincts as to whether or not it would be a good fit for your pet in their new home. We understand that the situation can be urgent in some cases but try to not rush into a bad fit.
  • Plan to (and state in your post) give the adopter the habitat/cage, food, toys, etc along with your pet. This will help your pet adjust in their new home as well as ensure the new owner has the necesities.

Rehoming Assistance -
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If you have tried all other options and need to surrender your pet to the shelter, please fill out this form:
You will be added to our WAIT LIST and as space becomes available, we will intake owner surrender pets.

Animals Available for Rehoming

Didn’t match with any of our current shelter pets? Below is a list of some of the pets who need a new home within our Forsyth County community. These pets are listed to Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet by their current owners and are NOT owned by or affiliated with Forsyth County Animal Shelter. Forsyth County Animal Shelter cannot guarantee or be held liable for the health, behavior, or spay/neuter status of these animals. These privately-owned pets are listed on this website as a courtesy. If you are interested in adopting a community-owned pet, please contact their owner directly through Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet to complete a private adoption.

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