Be Prepared

While no one likes to think about their pet getting lost, it is a good idea to be prepared.

Pet Identification Tips

Keep in mind that pets with identification have a better chance of making it back home. Here are some tips regarding pet identification:

  • Microchips are a great pet identifier. Be sure the microchip is registered and up-to-date with the microchip company.
    • Found Animals is a free registry that accepts any and all types of microchips for a large variety of species.
    • Does Forsyth County maintain a registry?
  • Dogs and cats four months of age and older are required to be current on rabies vaccinations. The tag that usually accompanies a vaccine can be used by shelters, rescues and veterinarians to find owner information.
  • An ID tag with your name and phone number is a good idea for cats and dogs.

Pet Identification Kit

Consider creating a pet identification kit with all of your pet's information. Having this in advance could save you time when you are actiely searching for your pet. These are just a few items you could keep in a kit:

  • A full body, color picture of your pet (recommend updated twice a year)
  • A written description of what your pet looks like, including breed, coat and tail length, color, size, weight as well as unique and distinguishing features. Include if your pet has a microchip, collar, tag or tattoo.
  • Your contact details, including the best phone number to reach you.

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Lost Pet Checklist

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It is stressful when a pet goes missing. Consider the following steps when looking for your pet:

  • Search your home and yard first! Check everywhere to see if your pet is trapped, including garages, sheds, closets and even in furniture like dresser drawers or inside a sleeper sofa. Be sure to call your pet's name and use food or treats to entice him/her.
  • As soon as possible, contact Forsyth County Animal Shelter at 336-703-2480 to file a lost pet report. Please note that it is best to come in-person to see if your pet is at the animal shelter. We receive calls daily about sightings of animals and from individuals who have found pets.
  • Check with animal shelters in neighboring counties. Well-meaning individuals traveling through an area may pick up a stray pet and take them to a shelter in a different county.
  • Search online for lost pets. These listings are from people in the community who have found a pet or are currently housed at FCAS. If you see your pet, please call 336-703-2480 to find out if they are at FCAS or in the care of the finder.
  • Post signs in within a radius of two miles. Include well-travelled areas and grocery stores, libraries and veterinarian offices.
  • It is important to have a good "lost pet" poster to aid you in your search.
  • Talk to your neighbors
  • Walk and/or drive your neighborhood daily.
  • Visit websites and post a clear picture on Facebook pages that list lost pets.
  • Call local veterinarians in case your pet was brought to them.
  • Talk regularly to your neigbors and to those who are in your neighborhood often, including mail carriers.

Found Pet Checklist

Did you find a pet? It is important to act quickly to get the pet back to their owner. Here is a checklist of things you can do to help the lost pet get back home.

  1. File a report with Forsyth County Animal Shelter by calling 336-703-2480. It is a good idea to take a photo of the pet to include with the report.
  2. Bring the pet to a nearby veterinarian, rescue, or FCAS during normal business hours to have them scanned for a microchip. Often, a microchip is the fastest way lost pets are reunified with their owner.
  3. Talk to your neighbors
  4. Post signs in your neighborhood and within a radius of two miles. Include well-traveled areas and grocery stores, libraries, and veterinarian offices. It is important ot have a good "found pet" poster to aid you in your search.

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Contact Animal Shelter

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