Digging for Summer Fun

Here are some fun print outs to get you digging into summer fun. Help the ants find their queen in the Ant Maze, have fun comparing a night crawler to a gummy worm, give the Away-From-Home Gnome a fun splash of color, or see how many words you can find in our word search. Print out as many as you want and have fun!

This summer is the perfect time to dig into the Lord of the Rings series, starting with Tolkien’s The Hobbit and then come test your knowledge with our Hobbit Trivia. Then explore the world of Steampunk before diving into Rick Riordan’s tales of Percy Jackson. Afterwards you can find your next indie artist at Madeloud.

  • The Hobbit Trivia | Answer Key
  • Steampunk.com — The headquarters for all things steampunk, a great description about what it actually is.
  • Rick Riordan — The Son of Neptune part of the site. You can read the first chapter as well as get a quick synopsis of the book. From there you can explore all of Rick Riordan’s books.
  • Madeloud — Features articles and reviews of underground indie artists. Download free music and read reviews and interviews.

Enjoy these puzzles and quizzes that test your memory about the 1970s. If famous quotes are more your speed then “Who Said” is right up your alley. The most important thing for these summer games is to stay cool and don’t sweat it!