Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) is a team of Paramedics who assist Forsyth County residents that have behavioral, medical and environmental needs. They perform assessments during emergency calls, non-emergency calls and scheduled appointments to provide resources with the goal to reduce dependency on the 911 system. Referrals are accepted from Fire Departments, EMS personnel, Law Enforcement and other community partners who have some type of involvement with these people. Referrals can be made via telephone, email and by a designated online referral form. High risk use can include patients who are treated on scene by EMS and refuse transport, overdose patients, patients who frequently fall and patients who have needs which cannot be addressed during the 911 call. Each person that they interact with conveys a willingness to receive assistance and participates in an assessment to determine needs at that time. One may opt out of the program at anytime, but does not preclude future engagement, if a patient changes their mind.

Crisis Support When a Loved One Dies